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Wholesaler of Indian handicraft, Indian jewelry, clothing, sari ...

With 30 years of experience in this market, Wonders of India is a leading company in the field of buying and reselling Indian and Afghan handicrafts . His seriousness and his taste attracted the fidelity and the confidence of the professionals in resale, like that of the embassies or the works councils .

Unprecedented and quality, the craft products promoted by our company give pride to rare materials. Largely composed of fabrics and silks (pashmina, saris , stoles, shawls, v ethnic underframe , cushion covers, tablecloths, Pier bed and sofa ...) Wonders of India will offer many parts craft from India, dedicated to furnishings, ethnic ornaments and feminine accessories.

Handmade, the products offered for sale by this shop are the work of artisans passionate about their craft and ancestral know-how. Hand-woven or embroidered for fabrics, manufactured far from industrial chains for other goods such as furniture, decorative objects or ethnic jewelry , Cashmire and India are invited to Paris in our showroom, or on the internet with our online store.

The preferential rates depending on the volume of purchases are at the top of our priorities in our sales policy.